About me



Welcome to my page!

My friends tell me that I often come up with a lot of crazy and ridiculous ideas. This prompted me to create a space where I can write all of this down.  I am just a 28-year old guy who loves many different types of things, which I will reveal to you through my articles. My goal for this blog is to inspire creativity and continue to improve my writing. You will typically find me in the gym, at a concert, at music festivals, dark techno warehouses/clubs and the occasional art gallery or book reading. All of my free time goes into enjoying creativity.

I will ramble on about a few different topics ranging from music, books, inspirational people/companies/ideas, movies, philosophy and much more. Head over to my “recent posts” section to get an idea.

I hope you enjoy reading some of my work and feel free to let me know about opportunities for improvement as I explore this blogging thing more.