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Music Spotlight : Episode One

I will be doing regular music spotlight posts because I love music. In fact, I may be a bit of a music snob. I’m the first guy that will point out the cancer in the electronic music industry that is EDM and point out that pop music in the 70s and 80s actually sounded good. But I’m not going to do that… today.

I’m going to tell you about two different bands/artists that I have really enjoyed in the past few years. The first has been around for a few years and fits somewhat in the rock genre, while the other is a duo that can best be placed in the electronic music genre.

The XX

the xx 1
The XX at Pukkelpop 2013, photo taken by a friend

The XX has been busy lately, releasing their latest album titled “I see you” in January. They have released a few albums in the past six years and their sound has evolved from a raw, minimal, vulnerable, mysterious sound focusing on simple bass lines and an emphasis on guitar work and evolving to a more electronically driven and pop heavy sound in their latest album. Personally, I enjoyed their old stuff more, but have still listened to their latest album countless times. I also recall having their music on repeat back in the day, when I used to live in Den Haag and when I used to run (this is ages ago).

To get a feel of their older music,  check out “Intro” and “Angels” and “Shelter”. For their latest album, I would recommend starting with “Replica”.


Album cover “Easier” EP

Weval is an electronic duo from Amsterdam who I consider to be quite unique, with a fantastic live show and their own sound. In the electronic music world, things tend to get stale sometimes. That is definitely not the case for Weval, their first EP titled “Easier” features warm and danceable music, with catchy lyrics. The group is a great way to get into electronic music because of their atmospheric and groovy style.

Check out their  EP “Easier” and their first full album titled “Weval”, released in 2016. I’d recommend starting with the songs “Gimme Some” and “I don’t Need it” to get a good feel of the artist duo.

That’s it for this edition of music spotlight.

If you have any awesome new bands/artists/producers to share, leave them in the comment. I am curious what you all are listening to.