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Music Spotlight: Episode Two

Gidge “Autumn Bells” album cover

The two artists I will be covering in this episode of music spotlight are Baikal and Gidge. Both artist groups are unique in their own way in the electronic music world. One offers long and dark productions while the other offers a very distinct sound that may remind you of nature.These artists would be considered “underground” in many parts of the world, except in most parts of Europe where techno and house oriented music is much more popular and played at a wide variety of clubs in most large cities.


Baikal hails from Berlin, Germany and is part of the Maeve music label.The name Baikal comes from the words ‘Bai Kyul’, which translates as “rich lake”. His music is dark and eery and he typically features lengthy productions that tell a story, often with a few twist and changes in style. My favorite track is “Pelican’s Flight”, which is a song that makes me feel like I am being pulled into dark waters and being allowed to come up for air at key points in the song. I find his music to be quite abstract and very thought provoking. Some other great tracks to help you get a feel for Baikal include “All forces occur in Paris” and “Why don’t ya”.  Below is a link to some of their songs.


Gidge is a duo from a small town in Sweden and is part of the Dutch music label, Atomnation. Being from a remote part of Sweden has given them the freedom to explore music inspired by  nature and solitude. Their music can also be described as ambient and dub like. I first came in contact with this duo last year, where I saw them open a night in De Marktkantine, in Amsterdam. Their live sets offer a full and layered sound which left a big impression on me personally. The great thing about these guys is that they do not necessarily attract mainstream house/techno crowds, so going to see them live usually takes place in a smaller and more intimate space. I would suggest starting with some of their more danceable songs “Norrland” and “Huldra” to get into it. Below is a link to get a taste.

For those who checked out their music, what did you think?

Laters readers.



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