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Technological advances that are awesome.

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I get quite giddy when I think about all of the technological advances that will undoubtedly reveal themselves in my lifetime. I am not talking about the advancement of our cynical and ridiculous social media addicted world, but about actual advancements led by artificial intelligence that benefit humankind. If you are quite new to this subject and prefer to watch a movie about it, I  highly suggest the movie “Ex Machinima”. This movie is a good job in showing what AI is and what it is capable of. There is a reason that many world leading tech giants are warning us against pursuing the capabilities of AI too much.

Bionic Lens Implants

 A Canadian based company has invented a retinal micro chip called the “Ocumetic Bionic Lens”. It offers vision three times as strong as the human eye and is capable of focusing and adjusting to your surroundings better and faster as well. This lens is said to also not degrade over time. The company reported that they hope to have the chip on the market by the end of 2017.  Imagine having vision three times as good as everyone else. It’s actually unimaginable because it goes far beyond our biological human capabilities, and that’s what makes this so cool. You could actually go around telling people that you are part bionic. This is a great new development as contact lenses and glasses are not ideal, especially when it comes to doing various different types of sports.

(Source: Scenario Magazine, Issue 05, 2015)

Self driving taxis

 If you haven’t been living under a rock, you should know that Tesla Motors has been pushing their self driving technology in all of their vehicles (if you pay extra). They are taking this one step further by creating self driving vehicles that serve as taxis. This is first being tested by the city of Dubai, who has bought 200 Model S vehicles, as reported by Business Insider. This is part of the Dubai Future Foundation’s goal of making 25% of their vehicles self driving by 2030. It’s a lofty goal for a country who has made all of its money from oil.

What is also really cool about this is that it challenges everything about car ownership, something we have been accustomed to for the past 100 years. I have a feeling that this may be where we are headed in the future, but probably not so soon if the oil companies have anything to say about it.


Which technological advances are you excited about?


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