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Ten everyday reminders that you are an introvert.


As a bit of an intro to this article, I would like to reveal that I consider myself to be an introverted person, with the unique ability to sometimes break into a highly functioning extrovert. This only happens when I have had 4-5 beers, the stars have aligned, the moon is full and only after 11:34PM. It is fun in a way because I never know when this rare event will take place, but when it does, great stories are created.

Without further ado, here is my list of ten instances that remind me, and probably you as well, of our collective introvertedness.

  1. When its 4-5 AM and the two people you knew at that house party leave, leaving you with nobody to latch onto.
  2. When you get into a conversation with someone you just met and you start talking about the origin of mankind or what happens to your soul when you die.
  3. When you haven’t contributed anything to the group’s conversation and then to save yourself, you let out an awkward laugh that isn’t genuine nor at an acceptable volume.
  4. The day after spending time with good friends, you all wake up and you can’t wait for them to leave so you can get back to doing that thing you were doing on your own.
  5. When you have googled “How to make small talk” about a hundred times during your lifetime, but you still keep forgetting.
  6. Meeting new people is such a drag because you know that you have to spend the first portion of the conversation making small talk, so you decide to never really talk to anyone new.
  7. When people tell you, especially the opposite sex, that you are so mysterious even though you are probably not.
  8. When an extrovert says that you are using the label introvert as an excuse not to be social.
  9. You take the stairs up to your 4th floor office to avoid having to stand in the elevator with another person, even though your legs are really sore from the gym.
  10. You always prefer to go out dancing so that you only have to make a minimal amount of small talk.

What other examples can you think of? Leave a comment.

Adios readers.

3 Comments on “Ten everyday reminders that you are an introvert.

  1. How about…

    11. When ambushed with a “How are you?”, saying FINE or GOOD or OKAY is the fastest way through the situation, but the generic response leaves you feeling phony if you use it.

    12. You need a few hours to even figure out “how you are” at any given moment, by which time you have felt a million different ways.

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