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Things I would do after winning the lottery



Really? this topic? Four posts in and already running out of “original ideas”? Slow down there sailor, there is no such thing as an original idea anymore. Plus, I’m saving my groundbreaking stuff for the weekend.

Deep down, everyone hopes to win it big with the lottery. We have all sat down and thought about it and how we would react in case that big day ever comes. I imagine it being more euphoric than taking XTC for the first time, or when you bring your first child into this world (I wouldn’t know though, not a big fan of those little demons). In addition to doing the usual things, such as buying my friends and family houses and Lamborghinis, I thought I would come up with some personal examples of what I would do.

  1. Own my own brewery in Amsterdam with just a white rabbit for the label and no name so I can start an underground beer movement.
  2. Buy a really expensive piece of art and snort lines of cocaine of off it, then smash it with a guitar signed by one of the members from The Rolling Stones.
  3. Buy some land in Russia and create a special retreat for Russian models/Instagram babes so that they can get away and just relax.
  4. Pay for duel citizenship for Iceland. No real reason behind this one.
  5. Buy a record label and sign my favorite producers, the label will also feature a minimal black clothing line with just a label on it, which is a white rabbit.
  6. Buy one of those super modern apartments that has a garage which lowers your car into the living room so you can showcase it to all your friends and family, although it probably won’t have much effect if you already bought them all Lamborghinis.
  7. Create a worldwide quality assurance agency for Instagram that requires all Instagram babes provide some kind of value other than sticking their asses out and mastering the almost nipple slip.
  8. Buy the rights to tv show “The Walking Dead” and cancel the show. Seriously, how many enemy towns and mayors are they going to run into?
  9. Buy the rights to Californication and get the original cast back together, along with the best writers the world has to offer so we can keep that show running indefinitely.
  10. Buy a million copies of my own novel to make it look like it was a huge success and an instant classic.

I’d love to hear some of your own unique and creative ways you’d spend your money, leave a comment.

Adios readers.