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Random Ramblings

A guide to mastering office small talk

We spend 1/3 of our time at our jobs, and let’s face it, small talk is an essential skill to master. This guide will help you survive and master office small talk; never again will you be left without anything to say in the office when interacting with colleagues. I think the water dispenser was …

Random Ramblings

Ten everyday reminders that you are an introvert.

As a bit of an intro to this article, I would like to reveal that I consider myself to be an introverted person, with the unique ability to sometimes break into a highly functioning extrovert. This only happens when I have had 4-5 beers, the stars have aligned, the moon is full and only after …

Random Ramblings

Superpowers almost not worth having but are still kind of useful.

I’d like to start off guns blazing and get right to the good stuff. Instead of some long winded introductory type post, I will start by mentioning that I recently thought about super powers while traveling home to Amsterdam on my 55-minute commute. Plenty of time to think. Anyway, lets jump right in. The ability …