Short Stories

Mr. Green – A Short Story


I ran through the final gate towards the airplane, sweat dripping down in puddles, it seemed to never end. It was surprisingly easy to get through all the gates, especially for a trip to the United States. I quickly found my seat, still sweating like a morbidly obese man. It was hard to sit still; I was missing something and felt a certain anxiousness. The middle-aged lady next to me, dressed very smart and serious, probably heading to pitch some kind of important product, must have found me to be quite repulsive. We lifted off the tarmac and I began looking forward to new beginnings. Did I deserve a new beginning, I wondered. Does everyone deserve a new beginning, even if they had done the things I had. Deep thought overtook me but I was glad I escaped once more.

Nine hours, four beers and three vodka limes later, we landed in San Francisco. This was the first time I saw the great city with my own two eyes. I took a cab to a nearby neighborhood without needing any directions or the use of my phone It seemed like I had been here before but I was sure that was not possible. I thanked the driver and headed down the street, I had no luggage for some reason and didn’t realize it until now but this did not bother me. Within a few minutes, I spotted a group of thuggish looking men, dressed in black and red, hardly the type of clothing suitable for a summer evening in San Francisco. Most of them were sporting red bandanas and very baggy jeans, exactly what you would suspect if you ever turned on the television and watched a movie. I kept walking but was interrupted by one of the men.

“You there, stop,” the toughest of the bunch called out. “You must be lost man, this ain’t what you are looking for.”

“Actually, this is precisely the type of place I am looking for and I figure you gentleman may be able to help me out,” I responded without any fear in my voice.

I felt more confident than my usual self.

“Could you gentleman help me acquire some green,” I asked. “You boys look like you know just the place.”

“Green, as in money,” the leader of the gang asked me.

“No,no,no, I am talking about green,” I answered back, giving them a suggestive wink. “You gentleman look like you know Mr. Green.”

There was a moment of silence and the group inspected me further, they were looking for something in me. Just before I was ready to continue convincing them of my mission, they told me to follow them a nearby house. The houses we walked past seemed to get worse and worse, broken windows, some of them covered up with duct tape, chipped off paint and broken furniture on the porches. These houses were decades away from their former glory. We entered what appeared to be worst house in the entire neighborhood, I was surprised people actually choose to live in this particular place of residence. They told me to wait in the living room. I sat down in an old regal chair with multiple holes in it, probably from cigarettes and the thought of finally tasting that sweet green excited me, it had been a while. This was the entire purpose of the trip.

I inspected the room and wondered what was taking so long when The Hulk smashed through the drywall, inches away from a usable door. He could have easily used a door, but that was not important at this point.

“Hah!, we meet again,” I yelled as I charged towards him.

We wrestled for hours, destroying the house in the process and the carnage did not stop there. Suddenly, we were fighting all over the rest of the city, we covered ground as if we were giants. It was if we were meant to fight each other, over and over again. The temptation was hard to resist, our wits and power matched up evenly, my thirst for this conflict was endless. The end neared and I was ready to consume him once more.

I woke up, both my arms were strapped to the bed, I was back in the hospital. Everything changed from that dirty house to a clinical and white setting. I protested against my constraints, hoping I was still as powerful as minutes ago. I gave up when I realized it was pointless. The youngest and most beautiful of the nurses came in the room, I settled down so that I would avoid having to be sedated again.

“You’re quite the violent sleeper, Mr. Banner,” Becky said. “Are you sure you don’t want to go back on your sleep medication?”

“No thank you, sweetheart, it is the only time I am still free,” I said. “I quite like it this way.”