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Must See Artists at DGTL Festival 2017

DGTL festival is the kickoff festival of the year that takes place during Easter weekend in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It is the Superbowl of festivals and the first time many artists are showcasing their new music for the year, just before the summer festival season. This guide is here to help you out, use it to broaden your music horizons, use it to brag to your friends about all these cool new artists you know about. Use it impress that girl you started seeing who is also into electronic music. Use it to impress your group of raver friends who are convincing everyone to go see Maceo Plex, again, for the millionth time. For the sake of variety, read this article, you might like some of the suggestions I make. It has been split up into three parts, first focusing on the great live sets, followed by prime-time bangers, and ending with early set heroes. Enjoy.

Fantastic Live Sets

An artist is only as good as the music he/she produces. Just being a great DJ in this day and age doesn’t cut it anymore. Check out these great live sets featured at DGTL this year.


Stephan Bodzin (live) – Saturday , Generator Stage from 21:15 – 22:30

If you have not seen this man yet, go see him. His music is highly emotional, with strong melodies and a hypnotic sound. Rarely will you find a man so passionate about the music he is creating.

Weval (live) – Saturday, Frequency Stage from 20.30 – 21.30

Out of all the live acts at DGTL this year, Weval sounds the most like a crossover between electronic and a typical band setup. This duo from Amsterdam has been making fantastic music over the past few years with great lyrics and a groovy, sometimes very different style. Not your typical four to the floor sounding artist you normally find in the electronic music world.

HVOB (live) – Saturday, Generator Stage from 16.00 – 17.00

HVOB is a duo from Austria that features deep, moody, melodic techno combined with seductive female vocals.

Voiski (live) – Sunday, Gain by Resident Advisor Stage from 19:30 – 20:30

Voiski creates hard hitting techno with tons of energy that focuses on sci-fi type sounds and strong synth basslines.

Prime Time Bangers

The headliners of the festival, the creme de la creme, the reason why most people choose their festivals.


Maceo Plex – Saturday, Amp by Mosaic Stage from 20:00 – 23:00
Even if you have seen Maceo Plex a million times before, he is still amazing and delivers high-octane techno, house, and tech house mixed seamlessly throughout his sets.
Rødhâd – Sunday, Generator Stage from 21:00 – 22:30

Rødhâd is probably the heaviest hitter at DGTL, with a true techno style with percussive techno grooves and dub like breakdowns. Below is a taste of his blend of techno.

Dixon – Sunday, Amp by Dixon Stage from 20:30 -23:00

Dixon is one of the most creative DJs out there right now, delivering sets with a wide range of sounds, with at least one massive surprise. For the first time, he has been given his own stage to curate at DGTL festival.

Rampa b2b &ME – Sunday – Frequency Stage from 21:30 – 23:00

Both artists have gained a lot of popularity in recent years and their similar styles and sound combined with their great energy will be a fun b2b set.

Lee Burridge – Sunday, Frequency Stage from 18:30 – 20:00

Lee Burridge has been around for ages, with a lot of recent exposure due to his early morning Burning Man sets. He offers unexpected house driven music with twists of acid and breakbeats thrown in. Below is on of his widely played productions.

Early Set Heroes

While most people are still in bed, having pre drinks or unable to decide between croissants or snorting their first line of coke off of the screen of their friend’s phone, you can already be enjoying fantastic early sets to get you in the mood. Early sets are great because you probably won’t need to stand in line to get into the festival and you won’t have to fight for dancing space. Dancing space is essential.


Unders – Saturday, Generator Stage from 12:00 – 14:00

A resident DJ from the popular Scheveningen beach club, Whoosah. Great choice to start your day.

Fort Romeau – Saturday, Frequency Stage from 14:00 – 16:00

It’s a miracle he is playing so early because he has grown into a big household name over the past few years, usually playing in prime time during festivals.

Black Coffee – Sunday, Modular Stage from 14:00 – 15:30

A fantastic artist from South Africa that produces groovy, urban influenced house music.

Beesmunt Soundsystem – Sunday, Filter Stage from 14:00 – 15:30

 This duo from Amsterdam create some fantastic house music, also a must see early. Below is one of their latest EP’s to get an impression.

This year’s lineup is filled to the brim with talent, offering a lot of range in terms of great techno and house music.

Enjoy and happy raving!