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Must See Artists at DGTL Festival 2017

DGTL festival is the kickoff festival of the year that takes place during Easter weekend in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It is the Superbowl of festivals and the first time many artists are showcasing their new music for the year, just before the summer festival season. This guide is here to help you out, use it to …

Movie/Music/Art Ramblings

Great Movie Soundtracks/Scores: Volume One

This list contains some of my favorite movie soundtracks or scores of recent times. There were so many to choose from, so I decided to pick a few that you may not think of right away. The Oblivion and Interstellar soundtracks are perfect for focusing or studying, while the Perks of Being a Wallflower soundtrack …

Movie/Music/Art Ramblings

Music Spotlight: Episode Two

The two artists I will be covering in this episode of music spotlight are Baikal and Gidge. Both artist groups are unique in their own way in the electronic music world. One offers long and dark productions while the other offers a very distinct sound that may remind you of nature.These artists would be considered …